Model 76E series "Standard Duty" Testers

Model 76E "Standard Duty" Testers are furnished with tanks from 6" to 30" inside lengths (150-760mm). The choice depends upon the number of transducers that will be used and the types of tests to be performed. Typical size range for continuous use of "Standard Duty" systems is from 1/4"-4" (6-100mm) diameter tubes and bars up to about 2.5" (63mm) diameter for solid bars. On an occasional basis, at slower speed, these systems may accommodate tubes to about 6" (150mm) diameter and solid bars to 4" (100mm) in diameter.

Request Bulletin 760B for more details on these sturdy, 3 HP Testers.

Model 76E-18 Tester with 18" (457mm) Test Tank

Model 76F & G "Heavy Duty" Testers

"Heavy Duty" Testers are powered either by a 7.5 HP motor (76F) or by a 10 HP motor (76G). Test material size range for continuous operation is from 5/8" (16mm) to about 8" (200mm) for tubes and to about 5" (125mm) for solid bars. Occasional operation is possible, at reduced speed, with solid bars up to 6" (150mm) diameters. Choice of motor horsepower is determined by the lengths of pieces to be tested. Drive and idler wheels of 4" (100mm) diameter, wider tanks and heavy frame members make these Testers especially suitable for larger materials.

Model 76F-24 Tester for up to 6-channel tests

Model 600 & 600H series "Standard" and "Heavy Duty" Idler Sections

Model 620H Idler Section with Extended Drives, Unloader and Ink Spray Defect Marker

These rugged conveyor sections are placed at each end of a Tester to provide good support for incoming and outgoing pieces. They are supplied in lengths to 30' (9.1m) and may be fitted with loaders, unloaders, defect sorters, markers and "Hold-downs" as are described under SYSTEM COMPONENTS.

Testers and Idler Sections to Feed, Rotate and Test Rounds

Testers and Idler Sections to Feed and Test Flat-Sided Material

"Tankless" Flow Coupled Testers for Round and Flats

Transducer Positioners, Manipulators and Followers

Multi-Probe Followers for Large Immersion Tanks

Material Handling Accessories for Installation on Idler Sections

Instrument Interfaces and Defect Markers

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