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This simplistic design of our testing equipment helps to keep production costs low and wear and tear at a minimum so that you can achieve fast and accurate results.

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Whether you’re designing new UT equipment or developing new test techniques, we can deliver a custom solution to meet your requirements.

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Laboratory Testing Inc. has decades of experience in ultrasonic inspection equipment and services to support your overflow testing needs.

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Finding defective materials is critical to ensuring products are safe for end use. If defects escape detection, millions of dollars – and lives – are at stake.

TACTIC ultrasonic testing systems are used to test critical application materials for a wide range of industries, including aerospace, defense, medical, nuclear, and oil and gas exploration. When it comes to ultrasonic detection, they are the technology of choice due to their proven reliability.

For Over 50 Years, Tactic has been the World Leader in immersion Ultrasonic Inspection Systems for Metal Tube and Bar.

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